It was my absolute pleasure to interview one of the most loving and giving souls I know – Natalia Macuk. I love her brand and what she stands for. Through her personal brand, she is truly changing the world.

During our interview, we have answered the following questions:

  • Who she is and what does her personal brand stand for?
  • How was her personal brand born?
  • What was the reason why she got the strength to continue with this life when it seemed a very dark place to be in?
  • What was the strategy of creating her own personal brand and where did she start?
  • What are the future plans and vision for her personal brand?
  • What would she advise to someone who is just starting to create their own brand? What are the most important things to be aware of on this journey?

I hope this interview will give you a lot of light bulb moments and ideas for your own personal brand. If you would like to get some more value, you can click the button below and get your FREE 5-PART GUIDE on HOW TO FIND YOUR TRUE PURPOSE: