Reset to Ease 

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00:00 – 01:15 – Introduction.
01:16 – 03:42 – Explanation of Sama Vritti Pranayama Technique (also known as Equal Ratio Breathing or Box Breathing Technique) that will be used in a guided meditation – how to & benefits.
03:43 – 06:31 – Explanation of Bhramari Pranayama Technique (also known as Bee’s breath) – how to & benefits.
06:31- 11:26 – Guided Breathing Practice to help you reset to ease, reduce stress, and anxiety and stop overthinking.
11:27 – 16:07 – Embodied Guided Meditation to help you find even more ease, inner peace, and connection with your higher self.

Practice Only Downloads Available

For the best results, I recommend doing this practice every day for 10 consecutive days and always have it by hand for any time you feel like you need to reset to ease again. 

Once you have watched an introduction once, you can use the recording without an introduction and go straight to the practice.